Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Climb on!

Posted by Alienfloyd

We did some climbing in Ophir tonight. It was fun and I am getting more comfortable with the heights and the rock. I went up two different climbs topping one of them.

Today's top ten songs:
1. Were in this together NIN
2. There goes my gun- the Pixies
3. On fire on a tightrope-JBM
4 .The Ghost inside - Broken Bells
5. Hayling -FC Kahuna
6. Halfway home- TVontheRadio
7. Knives out-Radiohead
8. Blueprint-Fugazi
9. 'Merican-Descendants
10. Grab the mic-Kool DJ Maxi Jazz

Top 10 shows(not the Olympics)
1. Suits
2. Longmire
3. Masterchef
4. BreakingBad
5. River Monsters
6. The Firm
7. Embarrassing Bodies
8. MI5
9. Top Gear
10. Austin City Limits

Favorite new food: Mango Habanero ONO Taco at Rubios
Favorite Graywhale find Birth of Cool -Miles Davis

Lori speaking to Nixon about the female gymnast:" Look how pretty she is"

Nixon: "Pretty Stupid!"

New Favorite links: