Sunday, August 09, 2015

Giving up Television

Posted by Alienfloyd

I've been on a journey that started last June when I was given a book to read called The Last Days: Types and Shadows of the Bible and Book of Mormon.  It has lead me on a strange and wonderful journey in to the world of Isaiah and in questioning my beliefs, my preconceived beliefs and my current life style.  I've long been a fan of music and TV, spending way too much time on both.  I realized that I was following idols. TV is beyond corrupt, certain kinds of music are an opiate to the soul numbing  and dulling the spiritual sensitivity we all need to receive personal revelation from the Lord.
I have been determined to follow the teachings of Christ more fully in my life.  It has been difficult in giving up something that has been a huge part of my life for so long. I however have found that it has lost the same appeal and that my mind is much more clear.  I can more easily discern between the evil designs of men and what is truly form God.
This is a personal journey for me that occurred at a time that was right for me. The person that introduced me to this book, I believe was inspired to do so.  He warned me that once I read it there was no going back.  That certainly is true. When we understand our purpose in the life, we are forced to make a choice. God or the father of all lies.  Seems like an easy choice but as I am finding the battle seems to be just beginning.