Sunday, August 12, 2012

An interesting day

Posted by Alienfloyd

Grandma Alta passed away on the 3rd of August. we had her funeral on Friday. It was a nice service. I'm still not over my Father -in-Law passing.

Now for the mundane...
Today I set out to change my spark plugs in my 4Runner. Car maintenance brings out the worst in me. It didn't help that Nat an Natalie ran off and disappeared for about 30 minutes. Nixon alerted me to this. Then he fell out of the back of the 4Runner. I had him help me eventually with the plugs after we got the kids back. We went to the zoo in the afternoon. It was really hot and was not immediately enjoyable for the kids. They preferred the park and the giant elephant that pees out of its nose. The kids eventually had fun and I should be really tired but some new found anxiety now plagues me. 

Songs of the Week:

Move-Miles Davis
Amused to Death-Roger Waters
Love Like Blood-The Killing Joke
Anything from the KLF Chill Out Album
One of these Days Pink Floyd(Demo'd on some B&W P5's)
the Summer-ATB
Young Liars-TVontheRadio
Sunless Saturday-Fishbone
Times Like These-Foo Fighters
Reach the Rock -Havana 3am
Love story meets Viva La Vida-Jon Schmidt
Crazy(Acoustic/Instrumental Version)- Seal
Mad World-Tears for Fears
The Forest-The Cure

TV of the Week
The Olympics
Eyewitness' to the Tsunami
11 pm news

Food of the week:
Funeral potatoes and Ham
Peanut Butter laced pizza